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MembrainSFC PDA im SAP

Implementing PDA solutions and integrating physical components in practice is extremely complex and cost intensive as generic SAP interfaces usually do not exist. MembrainPDA combines the benefits of conventionally opposing approaches. Data storage all takes place in the main SAP system and is combined with the award-winning solution for mobile and fixed data acquisition on the shop floor. The machine operator level has an extremely stable, high-performance solution that guarantees maximum availability even during SAP system failures or maintenance windows – and all this with real-time availability of all data in the SAP system without a conventional subsystem.
The market leading standard software from Membrain has a SAP-certified interface and guarantees the real-time availability of all data on the shop floor – mobile and fixed. This guarantees the greatest possible level of transparency to the required depth on the machine and on superordinate levels (MES or ERP). The MembrainSFC PDA production data acquisition module delivers professional information on quality, speed and utilisation, as well as failures and malfunctions. It enables cost calculations for individual orders, allows a constant overview of available time resources and enables the intermediate calculation of an order at any time broken down to the level of individual items on the bill of materials. On the machine level, MembrainSFC MDA (machine data acquisition) optimises the production processes and makes them more efficient. MDA automatically records machine situations, process data and batch sizes, and makes data available for individual analyses.
The PDA and MDA solutions from Membrain stand out in terms of their fast, cost effective implementation and online and offline capability.

MembrainSFC MDA im SAP

As part of PDA, MembrainSFC MDA supports automatic data acquisition with its interface to all conventional control mechanisms and OPC products. For example, the production data can be entered manually when setting up or starting up. Machine monitoring usually occurs in real time with the option of directly escalating critical situations within the PDA system. Analyses and statistics are made available either locally or on the higher SAP level.

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MembrainPAS SPS


As a standard product and production data acquisition component, MembrainPAS SPS is designed so that it can be connected to any programmable logic controller (PLC - speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen (SPS)) with very little effort. Since all of the production data are available from the control mechanism or via OPC, subsequent processing is very simple up to a direct entry in a third party system such as SAP/R3, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle or a database.