Inventory and Stocktaking in SAP

With the certified Membrain stock-taking function in SAP MM and SAP WM it is possible to assign your inventory documents to machine operators from SAP MM and SAP WM. The inventory data are then transferred to the mobile devices for counting. The typical problem of documents locked during stock-taking in SAP is resolved by the Membrain inventory management monitor for SAP. During the stock-take, the inventories are recorded offline or online by the employee. Then the stock-take results are fed back into the SAP system. The materials planning overview in SAP or the Membrain inventory management monitor for SAP displays how the stock-take documents were distributed among the operators and the status of the stock-take process in SAP.

We are available to give a demonstration of our mobile solutions for stock-taking materials management (SAP MM) or warehouse management (SAP WM) at any time.

We are happy to carry out workshops on analysing your inventory in SAP and the underlying processes. Once we have gathered your inventory requirements for a mobile inventory in SAP and presented the potential of mobile inventory management in SAP, we will show you our innovative mobile inventory management solutions, tried-and-tested over thousands of times in SAP. You will then receive a quotation for the quick implementation of a mobile SAP solution for inventory management in SAP MM or SAP WM.