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MembrainPAS is extremely versatile in the fields of logistics and production. From goods receipts and issues, from stock-taking and picking, to traceability, kanban and production supply - in short, anywhere data is generated and there is mobile, bidirectional communication with the main system.

The solution is open and scalable for SAP, MS Dynamics, SQL, Oracle, Excel, etc. In addition to stability and performance, its unique features include its online and offline capability. The use of standard modules make it possible to “go live” within just a few days - for 3 or even 3,000 clients - making expensive SAP consultancy superfluous.

The mobile data acquisition solutions run on all commercially available mobile data acquisition devices (wireless scanners, smartphones, tablets) and terminals as native applications/apps and do not use any browser technologies. This makes them particularly high-performance and scalable, and even allows operation in offline mode.

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With the right maintenance management system, it is possible to reduce maintenance costs and increase asset availability, thus generating a significant profit in the core business.

MembrainPAS PM - the mobile maintenance solution - helps with the planning, management, documentation and analysis of maintenance, inspection and service repairs. It conveniently manages all assets and units and records the respective master data and documents. Even complex spare parts management is coordinated with just a few clicks. The application also includes a tool for generating analyses and statistics.

MembrainPAS AM is the solution for asset inventory mobile data acquisition. It works as an extension to an existing backend. A mobile data acquisition system should be adapted to the existing infrastructure - and not the other way round.

With asset inventory, mobile data acquisition must therefore be aligned with the existing ERP, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or helpdesk system, such as Remedy or Helpline. It thus acts as a subsystem of the existing main system and the system architecture must not generate any overheads.


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The mobile solution from Membrain has been tried and tested on PDAs and handheld devices by more than 350 customers around the globe. The established standards are available for smartphones and tablets with the most popular mobile operating systems. MembrainPAS Mobile stands out in terms of its simplicity of use. The solution is cost effective, implemented with little effort and can be quickly extended as required.

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Mobile data acquisition can be an important component for internal processes in the field of RFID solutions. For example, the application offers RFID-enabled goods receipts or traceability processes if mobile data acquisition is preferred to an RFID gate for functional reasons.

The use of mobile data acquisition together with RFID is always recommended if the data on an item is to be up to date and read with a mobile data acquisition device for RFID (mobile reader and writer) in any given situation.  Following every transaction (with SAP, for example) the data on the RFID tag are then updated again by the mobile data acquisition system.

The MembrainPAS CM client management product establishes a peer-to-peer connection with each mobile data acquisition device in your corporate network. The screen content of the remote mobile data acquisition devices is displayed in a separate window on the administrator’s monitor and can be remote controlled. The file transfer can occur between the mobile data acquisition device and the administrator’s computer, among other ways.

MembrainPAS CM for mobile data acquisition devices thus allows administrators to solve computer problems quickly, and to identify and resolve any faults with the mobile data acquisition which may occur by maintenance and diagnostics remotely from their own workstation and thus use mobile data acquisition to resolve any issues.

Software Development Kit: MembrainRAP SDK

MembrainRAP is the technological development platform for all mobile data acquisition projects and the generation of powerful client applications. The specifically developed software development kit is capable of dramatically reducing development times.

The MembrainRAP platform is SAP NetWeaver-certified. All of the mobile data acquisition products presented on this website are thus compatible with SAP. MembrainRAP supports you with the development of a mobile data acquisition system.