Membrain Technology

Connecting processes and systems with MembrainRTC –
Mobile Platform 4.0

MembrainRTC – Mobile Platform 4.0 is used to connect any type of system and process and handle complex tasks. The innovative .Net architecture is specifically designed for availability, security and performance. MembrainRTC is operating system (e.g. Windows, Unix), ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, Oracle), and source (RFID, barcode) independent. The slim-line, modular design allows you to carry out the implementation quickly yourself. Flexible integration, modern architecture and rapid implementation make complex challenges such as RFID integration, easy and affordable. MembrainRTC is considered an innovative and leading solution by industry and logistics and has already won several awards. More information


App Development

The easy way to develop a SAP business app

The majority of attempts to develop a SAP business app fail not least because of the high degree of connection complexity. With the MembrainRTC technology, you can familiarise yourself with the platform you can use to integrate proprietary apps (for iPhone, Windows Phone, Android or Blackberry) easily and cost effectively in the company’s business processes. The technology used is SAP-certified and also allows the user to connect additional backend modules.
MembrainRTC has been implemented by approximately 350 companies around the globe and is in use in more than 10,000 mobile clients. Why don’t you profit from the market leading technology, too? We organise regular workshops for app developers working in the SAP environment. More information


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The MembrainRAP development platform

All of the Membrain GmbH developments are based on the MembrainRAP (Rapid Application Platform). MembrainRAP uses generic components to implement complex, powerful applications on mobile or fixed devices (e.g. Windows Mobile, Pocket PCs, etc.) or embedded XP clients, including automated data acquisition from the control level (Simatic, Beckhoff, etc.). The SAP-certified solution is capable of mapping standard processes as well as implementing customised, cross-system processes. With this cost-effective, flexible and powerful solution, we are providing you with the greatest possible security of investment. More information



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MembrainSAP Bridge
The MembrainSAP Bridge is a module used to connect to your SAP system without a great deal of complexity. The bridge is based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology and encapsulates the functionality of the SAP Net/Weaver RFC library.

MembrainAX/NAV Bridge
The MembrainAX Bridge is a component used to connect to your Microsoft-Dynamics AX/NAV system without a great deal of complexity. The adapters are based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology and encapsulate the functionality of the Microsoft Axapta business connectors or Navision application servers. More information