Data Sheet


  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Traceability (active & passive)
  • Production data acquisition
  • Machine and quality data acquisition
  • Strategic key performance indicators (KPI: e.g. OEE, MCE, FPY, TPI, GAE, etc.)
  • MES as a set of tools for implementing lean management
  • Lean production
  • Efficient company process & processes
  • Time and cost savings

Greater efficiency and transparency with MembrainMES ...

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is the link between the management and production levels, and in an ideal scenario, it is the optimal complement to the majority of existing ERP systems. The suitable MES complements the main ERP system in terms of missing shop-floor disciplines, such as the process-oriented acquisition of production, quality and personnel data (mobile or fixed), the calculation of key performance indicators, traceability of process monitoring and interlocking. Not only that, it is fully integrated in the main system and always in real time.

Conventional MES approaches with large and only selectively integrated subsystems often showed their weaknesses such as duplicated data storage, lack of currentness of the main system, high integration and extension costs and complex to partially incompatible IT structures, during their introduction and subsequent operation. This usually led to long project durations and increased investment and subsequent costs, while the range of functions overlapped with the existing ERP systems (e.g. SAP).

Conversely, the right MES is optimally integrated, quick to implement, cost effective to operate, and future-proof thanks to modern technologies and architecture.

The Membrain Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has been developed on the basis of proprietary technology with a graphical user interface (GUI) and offers a modular integration platform for resolving the commonest intralogistics challenges.

The software is also flexibly and easily connected to all existing systems, e.g. an ERP system (SAP, Microsoft-Dynamics AX/NAV, Oracle, AS400, etc.) or another main system. The logistical flows of materials and goods and the production facilities are managed, guided, controlled or inspected in real time. Process traceability is therefore also possible at any time. MembrainMES includes the following modules, among others: mobile data acquisition, traceability (active and passive), and production, machine and quality data acquisition. It is also capable of calculating, analysing and evaluating key performance indicators.