The benefits at a glance

  • Instigate a fully automated software distribution (e.g. DX-Union, Baramundi, etc.)
  • Start remote sessions (e.g. Proxy)
  • Reset Windows passwords (via mobile phone or web-based application)
  • Software selection and installation
  • Helpdesk portal for hardware and software issues
  • Create and edit check lists
  • Select and set up printers
  • Submit orders
  • Call up stored documentation
  • MembrainESS IT mobile for smartphone (iPhone, Windows, Android) or tablet
  • A range of backends (SAP, ERP, helpdesk, software distribution and others)
  • Can be extended as required (e.g. holiday planning, etc.)

    MembrainESS IT - Digital IT workflows

    MembrainESS IT – the employee self-service IT portal software - optimises request and approval processes in your company’s IT department. The intuitive user interfaces give employees the option of starting and managing simple, highly repetitive processes in a web-based application program themselves. This has significant benefits for the entire company – MembrainESS IT simplifies, speeds up and standardises IT administration processes and procedures. Traditional paper-based processes are replaced with digital workflows.

    Functional description

    A separate process can be specified for each request. This will contain freely configurable work steps and approval decisions. The employees receive tasks to complete and approvals for decision in their inboxes. For example, if an employee places a request that requires approval, this is first sent to the decision-maker for authorisation. Only once authorisation has been granted will the rest of the respective process be executed.



    MembrainESS IT contains useful services that can be customised. The individual menu items are flexible and can be controlled using permissions.

    In the “MessageCentre” menu item, the user can see the incoming requests and the ones they’ve sent themselves, and trace the process step by step.

    You can use the flexible menu configuration to integrate your “Helpdesk” portal or start a remote session. Once processes have been specified, they can be linked to a menu item and started easily by the employee themselves. It is also possible to execute scripts from the server, e.g. to authorise a network drive in the menu for configuration.

    In the “Employee” area, personnel data can be quickly and reliably recorded and updated, and task lists generated for employees.

    A “Shop” offers the employees the option of placing orders for office supplies, consumables, etc.

    In the “Software” area, users can view a list of all self-service capable software packages. Similar to an app store, the user can select the software they want and install it on their computer themselves. Approval processes can also be recorded for software packages.

    The “Printer” service item allows employees to install an authorised network printer themselves. A previous approval process can be interposed by the supervisor.

    The “Checklists” menu item allows the user to create their own list of tasks based on the docket principle, and edit those of other employees.

    The “Free text request” is suitable for queries, enquiries and requests from the employees to their colleagues.

    Another “Helpdesk” portal helps your employees with hardware and software problems.

    Under “Documentation” the company can store authorised tools, technical overviews, instructions, work instructions, operating instructions, etc. that may be useful for its employees.

    The “Configuration” area helps the administrator edit the menu items and structure, articles, processes and software packages, and view and manage available printers.


    Stay mobile with MembrainESS IT on your smartphone

    MembrainESS IT unchains you from your desk. The MembrainESS app allows you flexible access to the self-service portal no matter where you are. Approvals can be easily granted when out and about. If an employee has forgotten their password, they have the option of doing a Windows password reset via the mobile ESS application and having the new password sent to them by text message.

    Integration and interfaces

    The software initiates a fully automated software distribution (e.g. Baramundi, DX-Union, etc.). It also has access via standard interfaces to SAP, Microsoft NAV/AX, Oracle, ERP and databases. Integration into existing technologies or hardware is also easy. Our platform is based on .NET/C# and is therefore flexible and can be adapted by the user at any time.