MembrainPAS Mobile


  • Process and across modules
  • platform independent
  • Ease of use and quick installation
  • Workflow / authorizations
  • Maintenance / Service
  • Field Service / Sales etc.


System Requirements

  • iPhone: at least iOS 5
  • Windows Phone: at least Windows Phone 8
  • Android: at least 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)
  • BlackBerry at least OS 10
  • Camera und Internet Access are beneficial
  • ERP-System: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc.


All operating procedures to go



Smartphones and tablets have become important tools for companies, as they are used not only to monitor and check operating procedures, but also to manage them. The sales representative must be able to access all of the relevant customer information in the ERP system via their smartphone, irrespective of the time or their location. The same applies to service engineers. They can view and create orders on their smartphone, give feedback, or remove or reserve materials in the warehouse, etc.
The mobile solution from Membrain has been tried and tested on PDAs and handheld devices by more than 350 customers around the globe. The established standards are now also available for smartphones and tablets with the most popular mobile operating systems.

SAP Smartphone
mobile datenerfassung smartphone




Established technology - proven standards


The solutions from Membrain are SAP-certified and based on the standard technology of the Membrain RTC server (real-time connector). This acts as the gateway between a wide range of systems and guarantees the efficient and secure transfer of messages within the individual system modules.

The software, which has already been used hundreds of times on handheld PCs and scanners, covers a broad spectrum of functionalities - for logistics, production and service processes.


Simple to operate – quick to install

MembrainPAS Mobile stands out in terms of its simplicity of use.  The solution is cost effective, implemented with little effort and can be quickly extended as required. With our SAP specialists and SAP-certified partnership our SAP customers also profit from a professional connection to their system.

You can download the demo version of the Membrain app from Google Playstore, iTunes (Apple) or the Windows Phone Store free of charge and without obligation. Arrange to have a demonstration of our MembrainPAS Mobile - we’d be happy to advise you!