Our technology

     MembrainRTC – Mobile Platform 4.0
     SAP-certified solutions
     The MembrainRAP development platform
     MembrainSAP Bridge
     MembrainAX / NAV Bridge

Mobile data acquisition

    For SAP and other backend systems
     Asset inventory
     Maintenance and service repairs
     Inventory management, warehouse management, material flow
     Lift truck control
     Production management
     Remote management
     Picking and dispatch


     roduction data acquisition (PDA)
     Machine data acquisition (MDA)
     Control and production systems (CPS)


     Business app for production, administration, CRM, logistics, finances
     Backend- and hardware-independent: SAP, Oracle,
     MS Dynamics AX/NAV, SQL databases, proprietary solutions 

SAP label printing & label management

     Configurable label contents in SAP
     Product labels, production labels, dispatch labels,
     HU labels, stock labels (WM)

Employee self-service portal

     Optimisation of request and approval processes in the IT field
     Client management solutions

MES - shop floor integration

     Traceability (active & passive)
     Mobile data acquisition
     PDA, MDA, QDE
     Strategic key performance indicators
     (KPI: e.g. OEE, MCE, FPY, TPI, GAE, etc.)